Two rounds of:

25 Wall Balls 20/14

25 SDHP 95/65

25 Knees to Elbows

25 DB chest to over head 45/25

25 Walking Lunges

25 Double Unders

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Saturday, April 2nd, 2011   9 a.m.

21 thoughts on “Monday

  • this one was a lung torcher!!!! 16:07 and I subbed the SDHP bar with a 70lb kb for better form. Also did 45lb dumbbells. Everything was Rx’d. One of my favorites so far!!!

  • I agree with Adam this was a fun workout and left my lungs on fire.. I spent some time looking at my bar slowing me down 22 minutes ? I think. I scaled to 75# on the weight, RX’d the rest.

  • “Rachel”
    Two rounds of:
    25 Wall Balls 14#
    25 SDHP 65#
    25 Knees to Elbows
    25 DB chest to over head 25#
    25 Walking Lunges
    25 Double Unders
    19:17 Rx’d
    I’m w/Adam and my form on the SDHP, still used the bar though. It was just ugly. Nice crowd for a Monday too!

  • Bridget and I just signed up for the games and tried to “join CFNKY”. It said that it sent a request to CFNKY, but it also said that it was unable to send an email to the gym owner. Did anyone else have this issue?

    I won’t be able to make it today (class), but I will swing by the gym (NKU) and do something.

  • When you search on team, look for “CrossFit Northern Kentucky” and that will cause an email to go to Lucas…

  • This looks like a great wod! Sorry I missed out, maybe I can it make up Thursday.
    My hotel/pregnant xfit wod was
    4 rounds
    15 db thrusters 50#
    15 db deadlifts 80#
    20 pushups
    15 walking lunges 50#
    Jogged a very slow mile at the end
    Not really for time, just trying to keep it moving 🙂
    got a good view of myself in the mirrors, this belly is rapidly expanding!!

  • 25:40ish Rx’d. This was not my best WOD performance but I finished. Thanks to everyone who cheered me on and to Liz for doing a few extra lunges to keep me motivated! Great 4:30 class.

  • 19:?? RX’d. The was definitely a gasser, but it was fun. Thanks for pushing Liz, Melissa and Matt, everyone! RACHEL was great!

  • Wow. I had the honor of doing “Rachel” with Rachel (shared equipment). We Rx’d the whole thing, and even used our 65# bar for the shoulder-to-overhead instead of the 25# dumb bells. Thanks for all the shouts and encouragement – it really helps 🙂 20:58 for me.

  • 18 minutes and some change. Rx’d. Matt was my partner tonight. Couldn’t keep up with him, but who can. Great 5:30 class. Kudos to my better half. Seeing a lot of Rx behind her workouts these days.

  • I deserved that beating after the weekend I had. And I needed it, so thanks for a great WOD! And thank you Toni for being my partner!!! And thank you everyone for cheering me on!!! (last to finish on my own dang bday WOD haha)

    Side note- day one clean from rice chex.

  • Great 4:30 class!! Almost Rx’d this one…could only manage 55#’s on the SDHP’s. Finished in 17 something…thanks Liz (once again), Chris, Sean & the 5:30ers on the sidelines for all your encouragement! Way to finish Sean!! 🙂

  • Great job RX’ing your Bday WOD Rachel!! Glad to hear you are hanging in there and still managing some workouts Julie. That’s awesome!!

    Wendy and I shared equipment today and she was chasing me the whole time!! I had to kick it in high gear to not get caught. 🙂

    Time 16:13 RX’d

  • My time was just short of 2 days & I wasn’t feeling the sdhps so only did 55#, but really tried to have perfect form on everything else to make up for it…including those painful KTEs.

    Happy birthsay

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