13 thoughts on “Monday

  • Okay I feel like the weak old dog of “the box” after this one and the low weight result:
    Shoulder Press

    I am becoming a stronger old dog however, my previous PR was 90lbs, My goal was 60% of bodyweight = 105 lbs. I will get it next time.

    12 rounds? for the mini in six minutes, the last few were a challenge to press up, I spent some time looking at the bar.

    Thank You 5am Group (Frank, Linda, Jodi, Jose)for the encouragement.

  • You don’t realize how much the drop helps you in a push press until you do a shoulder press!
    Mini WOD (45#) – kept up with Susan (sharing a bar) & we both lost count!

  • PR’d at 85# but it was ugly! I did exactly what Lucas told us not to do and curved my back…

    Great group tonight at 5:30! Had fun working with all the ladies. Chrissy and I did the mini WOD together @ 65#.

  • Got a new PR tonight on Shoulder press – but I’ve got some work to do. 70# (previously 65#) Fun mini-wod with Kristin – neither of us kept count though! Oh well – still fun.

    So glad to be back – words cannot express 🙂

  • Managed a PR of 135#. Need to work on these! 15 rounds in the mini wod at 115# with a 30 lb. vest. Thanks Mark for pushing me along.

  • “April Agony” and make the WOD so brutal that it would make a Marine Corps Gunny feel sorry for us, one that makes Murph or The Chief seem like a warm-up.

    It’s not so much a marketing ploy (kinda have to limit those to CFitters), but more of a request for a bonding event with friends and pain. Who is with me?

  • I didnt PR tonightbut I’m positive that the last time I did 70# it was ugly…curved back and all. So I’ll take the legit lift with good form.

    So much fun working with all the girls and then Toni on themini WOD (which I was sore from today btw).

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