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  • Back Squat x 3
    140/150/160/170/180/190 Should have gone lower on that last set.
    4:32 on the mini WOD
    Great job everyone. Nice to see some of the evening crew!

  • Back squat (x3):
    105/115/120/125/130 (new PR)
    Thanks Traci for the spot and support! And great job, Maddie on your new PR!
    4:50 on the mini-wod.
    (Stacy and Liz: I SOOO admire your strength!)

  • Back Squats:
    120-130-140-150-160 x 3
    5:25 on the mini-wod…I think

    Stacey-we got some of the a.m. crew at night…love it!!

    p.s. here’s the recipe for the cauliflower crusted paleo-ish pizza I told you guys about…it was delish (and even my non-paleo/pizza loving husband agreed :)).

    1 lg head of cauliflower
    2 eggs
    a few little balls of soft mozzarella-I think I used 3 or 4 chopped up(also, the reason it’s not completely paleo)
    Pizza toppings of your choice

    -pulse the cauliflower in a food processor until it looks like rice
    -beat 2 eggs and then add to “rice”
    -add chopped mozzarella
    -mix well
    -put wax paper on a pizza pan-I sprayed with EVOO to prevent sticking
    -spread the mixture out like a pizza crust on the pan
    -sprinkle with basil & oregano
    -bake 15-20 min @ 450 until ends are browned

    -remove from oven & take crust off of pan (still on wax paper)
    -flip the crust over onto the pan so that the wax paper is on top & peel it off
    -add toppings of your choice (I did broccoli, bacon, tomatoes & a lil more mozz cheese)
    -put back into over @350 until cheese melts or toppings are cooked
    -Enjoy 🙂

    Here’s the pic on Facebook:


  • Alex told me to get 225# and I did! New PR. The mini wod was fun…not sure why I chose the 53# but I am glad I did.Not sure of my time, was just glad to complete it.Thanks for the push everyone. Fun class!

  • 275 x 3 pretty easy, but didn’t want to push it based on recent back and neck issues. Finished up with 10 reps of 225 butt to ankles squats (all the way down). 4:53? On the mini-WOD.

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