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  • Hang power cleans
    Great job ladies of 5:30!

    That mini-wod at the end was more like a mega-wod to me! Nice job, Randi.

  • I must have eaten my wheaties this morning, because I’m not sure how I pulled this one off-but I’ll take it!


    Great work at 4:30 🙂

  • Great job everyone at 6:30 everyone! Nice to have a workout finally with Kris. 🙂

    I did the 90 twice to try and get it “neat”, but will take it cause I got it there!

    I will definitely feel that “cool down” tomorrow!

  • Joined the 6:30 class today for a change and got to workout with Nikki. 🙂


    Although the 115 was really a hang squat clean…

  • 55-65-75-80-85-90
    Proud of that considering cleans are something I struggle with.

    Fun mini wod?…it was anything but mini. Thanks to Karin for being a great workout partner…she seriously is my idol, what a champ…even if it did take a few times to add up weights correctly 🙂

    P.S. GREAT JOB KRISTIN…that is fantastic!!!

  • hang power cleans


    nice job stacy–nice peaceful workout just the two of us.

    So. Whoever told us about the sweaty band head bands(head bands that dont slide off your head while doing large amounts of pull-ups or handstand pushups), I found out about a lady that makes them for half the price. If anyone is interested, I think she could make a big order so we don’t have to pay individual shipping and then just pay using pay pal on her website. Here is the link! Let me know if you are interested so i can let her know if we will be doing that or not 🙂

    by the way thanks everyone for the weekend I had a blast!

  • OH YES, How could we forget!

    The grand total of fight gone bad donations is $861!!!!!!!

    Great job everyone thanks for donating and coming to the party. I had so much fun (maybe too much, but maybe not as much as Jeff). I can’t wait for next year!!!!

  • 155-175-195-205-215-225(f). I guess 215 is a PR since I haven’t cleaned for max since HS. I agree with Toni, that mini-WOD was a major to me.

  • hang power cleans
    Not really sure how that happened.. except I failed the 100lb one with the 45lb bar but did it with the 35lb bar. I blame the bar entirely.

    Great mini-wod. Pretty sure I now have a bruise on the back of my neck to match the ones on the front!

  • My non – crossfitting friends don’t understand why at our Fgb party there was arm wrestling between men and women and comparison of bruises and jump rope welts……oh what fun it is!

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