17 thoughts on “Monday

  • First day back after a long lay-off. I should have know how things were going to go after the warm-up nearly did me in.
    48 reps/ 6 rds (I think)

    The 6 am class has grown! The secret it out. Now everyone knows when the real magic happens. 🙂

    Great job by everyone…some good numbers were put up.
    Rock on.

  • yeah this one was fun except for the running and pullups!

    Rx’d 6 rounds and 79 reps

    And yes the 6AM class is awesome!!!

  • 105 reps in 6 rnds PR by 10 reps

    I think that 9am class got scared of the running/pull-ups…cause nobody show up this morning.

  • Hey Moses…..betcha didn’t realize you’ve come back just in time to train for Fight Gone Bad…..good timing! 🙂

    9am might have been slow, but 4:30/5:30 were hoppin’

    6 rounds for me with total 57 pullups RX’D

  • Didn’t realize I was gonna get my butt kicked today by my own name…
    5 rounds 49 pull ups
    red band

  • 54 pull ups with green band in 5 rounds for me. Couldn’t quite finish the sixth run before time expired

  • Only 4 rounds and 39 with “Christmas” colors for bands. Did not have time to complete another run, but went for it anyway. Nice work everyone!

  • I had a mishap with Nicole & only got in 4 rounds & 36 blue band pull ups.

    I did an extra run & extra set of pull ups after time expired to see what might have been & it would have been 48-but 36 is my real #.

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