10 thoughts on “Monday

  • I refuse to do a single post until at least 5 other CFNKY’ers post their results today. I know for a fact that there were 2 other individuals in the 6 am class today. I ‘m not going to mention any names..but their initials are MINDY and ASHLEY.

    Crap! This counts as a single post! ARRRRRGH! 🙂

  • 30 Clean & Jerks…………I wanted so badly to run with the young girls today (Alicia and Ashley)-
    85# on the bar (made it through a measly 8)
    80# for the addt’l 22
    Time: 7:01

    Lots of real girl power in our class tonight!

  • So, I’m bad at counting while working out. I know that I did at least 30 and quite possibly ended up doing more than that b/c if I lost track and thought was that 11 or 12, I would just start from 11 (insert I’m a loser eye roll here!) Anyway 30(ish) clean and jerks at 45 lbs in just about 6:48 (ish). So, I’m mad at remembering my time too!!

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