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  • My lower back knotted up after round three and I struggled through the last 4 rounds- also managing to hit my crotch with the kettlebell. Lucas said it was the first time he’s ever seen someone do that 🙂 It’s safe to say, today was not my best wod! However, I was proud to finish this wod in honor of Whittman.
    18:35 rx.

  • Great WOD …still feeling it and its 2:21 in the afternoon. What a great crowd this morning for the 5 AM class. Did the workout Rx’;d @ 24:34 after round 3 got a second wind it took me sometime to get warmed up to the movement.
    Great job Melissa …even on your bad days you are killing these workouts. Its good to have Adam D back and to see all the other 5 am’ers gettin down this morning.

  • Good bad and the ugly. Friday good today bad and ugly. Never caught my second wind 29: and some change. I felt strong just couldn’t breath. Great job at 6 am thanks for the push for me to finish.

  • 22:57 on this one. Not feeling it today. It was great to work out w/the 9:00 am’ers. Thanks Stacy for hooking me up w/the weight belt after round 3. LIke Melissa, my lower back was throbbing, however I did manage to keep the bell away from my A-frame. Awesome work by Niki, Stacy, Alex and Toni. They all whipped my butt!

  • This one had me throttled right out of the gate. A tough one indeed. 21:40
    Low back is thrashed for sure.
    Good job by the 5am’ers pushing through this monster!

  • My back got tight during this one. 27:11 and my shins really hurt after a failed box jump. Oscar and Kendra did great on this one.

  • I’ll have to add this one to my list of WODs that destroy me….ha ha. Rx’d the weight but just couldn’t do the box jumps due to some lingering Saturday soreness (and especially after seeing Kevin skin his shins in the 5:30 class….ouch!) so I did step ups instead. Finished in 29:49…..just happy I finished under 30 minutes. 🙂

  • Like many others, back tightened up after the 4th round of RX. Lots of room to improve at 28:50. Really impressed with the 4:30 PM class. You guys kill it.

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