1-rep Snatch every 30 seconds with progressively heavier barbells

Double-under repetitions in the next rotation after athletes reach failure count as partial pounds.

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11 thoughts on “Monday

  • Of all the skills on my list (and it’s a long one) that I can’t do or I struggle with…snatches are near the top.

    Climbed the snatch ladder up to 155. Not aggressive enough overall.
    That’s not a very tall ladder…more like a step ladder. I wouldn’t even be able to change a light bulb with that thing.

    Good job by all the 5 am crew! Tyler was moving some weight!

  • I snatched #115 and learned that I need to practice snatches more! They are a tough lift to get down. Awesome job Moses and Tyler this am on your heavy snatches. Also, thanks to the Lubers for an awesome party this weekend. It was wonderful 🙂

  • #85 on the snatch ladder and #95 after the official fail.

    its been awhile since practicing snatches….need to do more.
    Great work to Mike-Melissa and Stacy.

  • Snatched 85# but it was ugly……it was tough after all those DU’s in between! I FINALLY got my DU’s though! 🙂 Only got through pullups on the 3rd round of the mini before I ripped my hand and couldn’t hold on any longer….bummer.

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