1-rep Snatch every 30 seconds with progressively heavier barbells

Double-under repetitions in the next rotation after athletes reach failure count as partial pounds.

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11 thoughts on “Monday

  • Of all the skills on my list (and it’s a long one) that I can’t do or I struggle with…snatches are near the top.

    Climbed the snatch ladder up to 155. Not aggressive enough overall.
    That’s not a very tall ladder…more like a step ladder. I wouldn’t even be able to change a light bulb with that thing.

    Good job by all the 5 am crew! Tyler was moving some weight!

  • I snatched #115 and learned that I need to practice snatches more! They are a tough lift to get down. Awesome job Moses and Tyler this am on your heavy snatches. Also, thanks to the Lubers for an awesome party this weekend. It was wonderful πŸ™‚

  • #85 on the snatch ladder and #95 after the official fail.

    its been awhile since practicing snatches….need to do more.
    Great work to Mike-Melissa and Stacy.

  • Snatched 85# but it was ugly……it was tough after all those DU’s in between! I FINALLY got my DU’s though! πŸ™‚ Only got through pullups on the 3rd round of the mini before I ripped my hand and couldn’t hold on any longer….bummer.

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