6 thoughts on “Monday

  • 9am
    still fatigued today..more rest required.

    WOD- 6:17 rx’d
    trying to stick to UB on most rounds….

  • Back Squats
    135-145-155-165-170 x 5…could have gone a little lower on that last one. 9:something rx’d on the WOD. Great job Niki. Hey Deanna Johnson where have you been?

    • I’m still around….are you thinkin i’m fading away like last time? lol… im heading to calif tomorrow so i needed to get my family in order before i left. see you on the 1st of June. 🙂
      don’t you guys have to much fun without me!!!!!

  • Did the power clean first time today lifted using 115 not rxd. but got the rxd on the ball

    135 155 165 185 195

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