Manic Monday

Evans birthday Wod:

400 m run
31 du
31 burpees
31 pull ups
31 push press 135/95
31 box jumps
400m run

15 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  • MarCus and I both seemed to be suffering from the post weekend blues this morning. We got this Wod done together in true crossfit style.

  • Thanks to Wendy I made it through this …couldn’t have done it without you. But a great start of the week ..”Happy Birthday Evan” I am glad you didn’t turn 42….See you guys tomorrow 5 AM.

  • 400 m run
    31 du
    31 burpees
    31 pull ups
    31 push press 85#
    31 box jumps
    400m run
    Happy Birthday Evan!

  • Happy BD Evan.. I have to miss today because of school and have volleyball later tonight. I might try to bust this out in the morning before work.

  • That was a good Birthday WOD. Happy Birthday Evan!
    Instead of running I rowed 500m. Took me 24min I think. Everything else was Rx’d. Great job to the 2pm crew.

  • I believe RXing WODs are a thing of the past & future for me, but definitely not the present!

    Only ran 200m for both runs (thanks for joining me Kike)
    Squat & then a push up on the black box for burpees
    65# push presses
    Step ups instead of box jumps
    Only things rxd were pull ups and double unders…oh well, it still feels good to be moving 🙂

    Great work by the 5:30 class & happy birthday Evan!

  • I almost did not make tonight because I was feeling bad. So glad I did since I got 2 for 1!!! I still say Even could easily have pulled off 21. And to see Kristins awesomeness is always worth it. 26 and some change for the first wod. Just happy to finish for the second! Thanks Jeff, Doug and Kike (and Lucas) for the encouragement.

  • Took me a little over 22 minutes. It felt like 15 minutes were spent on the push press’. Great job by the 5:30 and the 6:30 classes.

  • Finished this one 17:07 with 65#. My DU’s still suck. I felt like I could have done better.. But I’ll take it. 🙂 Great job everyone!

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