10 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Mayo

  • Ok, are anyone else’s quads killing them today from all of the broad jumps yesterday??? I can barely get up out of a chair, or walk down a flight of steps without cringing!!!

  • Mine are killing me too. I think I want to do the Seal team 6 WOD today. If I don’t run or do something, I won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

    Hopefully Doug or someone else at 5:30 will be willing to suffer through the 38 min AMRAP with me.

  • Whoops! Forgot to say Happy Birthday Marcus! Hope you’re back to Crossfit soon!!! 🙂

  • Frank and I did Wednesdays WOD today. I have one word for it @*@…. – just kidding. Actually our legs are hurting so badly from the lunges, squats and broad jumps – ok the whole dang thing – that we’ve decided to sleep (camp out) on the first floor versus climb 3 flights of stairs! Honestly, that was a GREAT HARD workout. And we know if it was easy, we wouldn’t be here!, right. And the best part of the workout was some of it was done in the SUNSHINE!
    Thanks Maddie and Chrissy for the tips on kipping. To Lucas, Kyle, Doug & Jeff, Frank says thanks for not LOL at him!

  • Made up ‘Cindy’ today….21 + pushups. Love Cindy and would do her again….the work is cool too. 🙂

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