Deadlift 5-4-3-2-2

Overhead Walking Lunges

Ring Dips


Ring dips

Details posted on the whiteboard.

Post loads and rounds to comments.

Lots of fun this Saturday at Crossfit Northern Kentucky! It’s Crossfit Skills testing at 10:00. Find out what you excel at and find out what you need to work on! and We’ll have information about making the Paleo diet part of your Crossfit life! Cookbooks, recipes and yummy samples!
See you there – EVERYONE is welcome to join us!

4 thoughts on “Friday!

  • 225(5)-255(4)-275(3)-305(2)-325(2)PR

    1 round plus 14 thrusters in the AMRAP with blue banded dips and 35 pound lunges. Travis was in beast mode for this one!

  • DL’s, 275-305-335-355-375. Just trying to keep up w/Sam the best that I can. 19 thrusters away from 2 rounds in the mini WOD. No way of keeping up with Kyle, aka the human ring dip. He crushed it. Looking forward to some Saturday fun.

  • DL 275/305/335/355/375 some day I’ll be strong like the wod father! I got 1 rd and the lunges on mini WOD used the red band on the rings. Felt like a slacker watching Tommy and Kyle crush it!

  • 9am
    jeff was patient working in with us!

    Kim is a great partner!
    ring dips were slower and slower each time/ lunges didn’t bother my legs as much as the shoulders & holding it overhead.

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