9 thoughts on “FRIDAY!!

  • Good workout this AM. Finished this one in 21:20 with Back extensions and GHD’s subbed. Great to workout with the lovely and talented Ms. Stephanie this AM.

  • Adam, I agree with you on the Lord-Vega-Baker WOD. I was with Doug this morning and I thought he left and went home after I was done with the first round. Because once Lucas said 3-2-1 go, I never saw Doug again.

  • This WOD was almost the death of me…running still isn’t my thing-especially in the cold. “TIME” was my favorite part 🙂

    23ish aka slightly less than forever. Happy Friday all & great to workout with the 9amers!

  • I feel ya Double C! Lucas was threatening to turn the lights out on me if i didn’t finish. I was just glad to finally get some GHD’s in with out my back going all Rice Crispy’s on me (snap crack and pop….get it?)

  • Doug…whats your secret? You killed that one!
    Finished in 16:15ish or so. It was nice to be outside running. Great job 2pm class. Everyone did great.

  • Taking the day off. May try to make this one up after the Saturday WOD. No way I will come close to the Lord, Vega results. They run like I eat pasta, fast and furious!

  • Right under 21 minutes I think. Not a fan of the running but totally worth it in the end. My first 5 day week so I’ll see you saturdayers next week!!

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