Tabata mash up: Deadlift, Box jumps  3min rest

as many rounds as possible in 5mins: Deadlifts x 4, Box jumps x 8  3min rest

every minute on the minute for 10mins: Deadlift x 2, Box jumps x 6

post total tabata reps/amrap rounds/highest minute completed.

8 thoughts on “Friday

  • Did this one at work since i have a wedding to go to tonight.

    185lb DL got 7 rounds – back wasn’t feeling 225
    205 all 10rounds

    Good little Friday workout!!

  • Kinda lost count on the first part, know it was at least 91….

    Then 6+DL and 4BJ, 10 rounds on final part.

  • Great WOD today. Thanks to Kim for coaching and thanks to LIZ for pushing us all to ADD MORE WEIGHT!!

    125 @ 75lbs
    6 rnds + DL
    10 rnds in final “lap” with 10lbs more (thanks Liz!)

  • Yeah Becky finally posted!!! It is official you are truly a member of the CFNKY team!

    118 @ 135lb
    10 min

  • I miss my cfnky peeps. Working out in Manila by myself isn’t the same. See ya Thursday. Everyone needs to show up Saturday morning. I hear there is a very hot chic coaching tomorrow. Gitty up!!

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