4 thoughts on “Friday

  • This was the voice in my head this morning….anyone ever had a conversation like this with themselves?

    1st round: wow, that was rough, not sure I’m going to be able to finish this today
    2nd round: man those guys are doing great, they’ve never seen me quit, I don’t care, I’m done after this round
    Rest period: well, I can probably do another one, 3 of 4 is better, the third is the toughest one, do it slow if you have to, just get it done
    3rd round: what on earth is going on, why are my legs so tired, frank is still whooping my ass, screw it, this is the last one. I’m not doing the last round
    4th round: it’s your last one dumb ass, pull as hard as you can, it’s almost over, just don’t quit!

    Not my best times, but I finished and it was all over before many of you ever hit the snooze button 🙂 see ya at cornhole

  • Wendy really sold this WOD. My times ranged from 1:43 to 1:53 with my worst round being the 3rd one. My legs felt like a couple of fire hydrants after this one. It was great to watch everybody push themselves. See ya tomorrow cfnky.

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