4 thoughts on “Friday

  • HPC nothing spectacular with sore shoulder and no motivation…110#

    The WOD: a couple of minor substitutions, 4 rounds

  • HPC 120#…Thought this was a PR, up from 115#, but now I am second guessing and think maybe I have have done 120# once before…not sure.
    Mini-Wod was nice, scaled box jumps to two tires so only got 2rounds +KB swings.
    Nice to work out in the afternoon for a change!

  • Work got in the way today. ๐Ÿ™ Oh well, hopefully I’ll see my crossfit peeps tonight.

  • HPC 90# … up from 80#! Slowly getting up there. WOD 3 rounds and a feeble attempt at starting the farmer’s carry with only 20 second left…what was I thinking!!

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