Today’s wod TBD- different for every class!

Look at these pics- we’re just everyday people moving heavy “stuff”—come join us on Saturday at 11am for our Easter wod- created by Emily and Alicia (we have prizes too!)–Grab a friend and come on out-

Are you in town for the long holiday weekend?  Need a place to get in a good workout?   Friends, family, OUT of TOWNERS,   C’mon in!

10 thoughts on “Friday

  • Great 9 am class today it was beautiful outside.
    RX’d 12:34.
    I did not think my legs would function after those thrusters.

    ALSO I did two good unassisted pull-ups!!!

    Happy Easter Crossfit Family

  • 250m run
    25 Snatch @ 75 lbs – oops…from the hang
    25 KB swings @ 53 lbs
    25 OHS @ 75 lbs
    25 SDHP @ 75 lbs
    25 BJ @ my carcass
    25 Wall Ball @ 20 lbs
    25 Thrusters @ 75 lbs
    250m run


  • LMAO! Thanks for that Lola!!!

    So I did the 250m run, a whole bunch of stuff, 250m run and pretty much the only thing I can say is I suck at overhead squats.

    Time: 16:something….

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s WOD!!

  • Wow Lola, after listening to many conversations between you and other CFNKY ladies about that same topic, it was interesting to read about it, described in such well thought-out, scientific detail. And really, what’s better than a wonderfully eloquent paragraph that ends in the phrase “poop-chute”. On a side note, from my Army time, I do know an exact calculation for figuring out how much #2 facilities a group will need, and what it’s like to both smush it down in an overflowing porta-potty, and to burn it with diesel fuel in a big drum (like in “Jarhead”).

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