Happy Birthday Justin F.!!


For time:

21 Deadlifts

21 Kettlebell swings

50 Double Unders

15 Deadlifts

15 Kettlebell Swings

50 Double Unders

9 Deadlifts

9 Kettlebell Swings

50 Double Unders

Post time to comments.

Congratulations to Matt H. Winner of the Paleo Challenge

12 thoughts on “Friday

  • Congratulations Matt & also to Adam for all of the weight you’ve lost. You both look great!

  • I want a recount!!!! 🙂 JK good job Matt! Although i’m much better looking you did get a tad more shredded than I…:)

  • Congrats Matt! You look great! That takes dedication!
    As for the workout…curse you Double unders!

    Felt good about the DL & KB
    Completed all DL 115#
    Completed all KB 25# – should have done 35#
    Had to bag the DU after 75 attempts…ran out of time would have needed another hour to do another 75 attempts!

  • The decision was very difficult when it came time to vote- no less praise for Adam at all. Way to go guys!!
    Today’s Wod was awesome- Rx’d 15:50 then I stuck around and you know what happens when you hang around a xfit gym, someone grabs you for a Wod 🙂 …I threw in a 1000m row and a rope climb. Good times at xfitNKY

  • 15:13 Rx’d. I’m not sure I would have done the DL at 155 without a little prodding from Wendy & Laura. Thanks for that. Someday it will come from within, but for now, I appreciate the push! My double-unders kept my time from being a lot better – still doing single-single-double.

    Thanks Kristin for letting me borrow ur rope!!! Super-light 🙂

  • 11:56 didn’t rx the deadlifts & actually have no idea how much weight I did since I just jumped on Melissa’s bar (thanks for letting me crash your party :)).

    The double unders saved me on this one or else it would have taken me For-Ev-Er!

  • I am soo proud of you! Especially when I kept tempting you with those cake pops and buckeye candies. Great job!!!

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