9 thoughts on “Friday

  • heading to ohio for a wedding this weekend… i was dying to do some thrusters and pullups but i’ll have to miss out! see everyone on monday

  • My favorite WOD Fran!!! we meet again…just that this time I was able to be the 4 min barrier…

    Time 3:37(PR) by 28 sec

    Great job (Alicia, Lola, Stacy & Ashley) this morning…with Fran.

  • That is awesome Armando!! Great job this morning everyone!

    65# RXd with purple band. 7:33 (ish)I think.

  • Today I accomplished unassisted pull ups!

    FRAN 9:03
    I did half unassisted/half with purple band for each round!!!

    Great work out with the girls today!

  • Great job Armando!

    I did my first prescribed “Fran” with 65# thrusters and my own pullups! There really is only one word to describe my performance… SLOW

    Time: 8:52

    Great job tonight Liz on your pullups!!!

  • Nice work Armando, that’s a hell of a job. Excellent work.

    Fran – 5:22

    The sad part is, Armando was done with the wod and cooling down before I even started my last round of 9!

  • Karin — it only seems slow because I wasn’t there tonight! You would have seem like you flew through it if you had me there to compare to! 😉


    First perscribed fran

    65# and no band!

    7:52…..do any one elses for arms feel like they are going to explode afterwards???

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