Deadlifts 3-3-3

5 Rounds for time:
3 Presses
6 Push-Presses
9 Push-jerks
12 Pull-ups

Photos from Wednesday’s outside wod- everyone loved it!  As you look through the slideshow, be sure to watch for our CrossfitNKY mascots- the Leprechaun and the Leprechaun Ninja!

7 thoughts on “Friday

  • DL 115-130-145

    45# for the workout… 11:54 i think?
    did ALL my pullups with no band… i’m feeling like a beast! 🙂

  • Deadlifts 3-3-3

    WOD time 8:34 R’xd

    awesome workout today…the guys at 9 class Rock!!!

  • DL 185-205-225

    WOD Time 12:00 75#

    Purple band for 4 rds of PU. Blue for last.

    Glad I made it to the afternoon class since I had to work early. See you in the morning.

  • I had kid stuff tonight- sounds like I missed a good one!- Randi rockin’ the pullups and Hamilton on the purple band………nice! Ok, and superhero Julie on Thursday- she did two wods in one day (?) enough already! 🙂 Ha Ha–

  • Not really sure what my time was. Think it was ten something… I did 45# and my own pullups.

    Thanks to the 5:30 class for doing a cool down with me. My abs were feeling neglected this week.

    Randy, awesome job on your pullups tonight!

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