WOD: Task Priority “Fight Gone Bad”

3 rounds of:

25 Wall balls (20lbs. to 10′)
25 Sumo deadlift high pulls (75lbs.)
25 Box jumps (20″)
25 Push presses (75lbs.)
25 Calorie row
1min rest

Post time to comments.

Reminder for everybody attending the Fundraiser After Party for Fight Gone Bad on Sept. 25th. Please send in money by this Saturday, is $25 per person. Feel free to invite family and friends! Food, Alcohol, Games and Fun!

If you can’t attend the party but would like to give CrossFit a try, come to the workout that morning at 11:00AM. This workout is FREE and welcome to all!   We can be contact at or by phone at 859-380-4904.

8 thoughts on “Friday

  • Pukie the clown was trying to kick down my door today with his barf encrusted combat clown shoe. I was able to hold him off. Barely.
    This was a tough one. Good FGB prep work no doubt!
    Some real great work from my team, unfortunately I contributed too much to our 30+ min. time.

    Wall balls suck. 🙂

  • Great job by my team this morning! I had to drop to 20 reps on the exercises for rounds 2 and 3 so Chris wouldn’t have to wait so long for me to get out of the way. 30:53

  • An early morning funny…after round 3 & realizing I was going to be late for work, hurried out to the car (drove Tim’s today) & it wouldn’t start… until I realized I was in the wrong car!
    Lesson: Wait until blood & oxygen have returned to all parts of you body before attempting to drive!

    Ha…Way to push through this morning Susan! Great job today 5am class!
    12# ball, 45#press, 3-45#plate box jump

  • Love it Jodi….always find the lesson in the moment! There have been many a wod where I was in NO shape to drive immediately afterwards 🙂

    5:30pm men vs women:
    Randi,Megan,Karin,Wendy vs Marcus,Casey,Jon,Evan- turned out pretty even for this FGB-type workout more week!

    Continue to accept donations and clean out your refrigerator, you’ll need a whole week of good-eatin’ as we approach FGB5

  • Hilarious Jodi! I wish I would have been outside to laugh with you! I wonder if you were in my car…… ROFL

    My time 29:36.

    Great workout day Jodi, Jose and Doug!

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