5 thoughts on “Friday

  • What a way to start the day- drop the kids off at school and drop in to the 9am class. New faces…. and everybody’s strength has improved leaps and bounds!

    PP 3-3-3-3= 75-85-90-95(x2) 95 overhead is a PR

    DUs/Overhead hold: 3 rounds
    Getting much better at the DU’s- maybe the new jump ropes have something to do with it. As I chose to challenge myself with the DU’s, it made my partner (Lola) suffer more than she should have had to— I do apologize for that Lola 🙂

  • PP 3-3-3-3-3= 65-75-85-90-95

    DUs/Overhead hold: 3 rounds 12:09
    Great job partner Kim! Have a great weekend and good luck to Armando.

  • NO need for apologies I was equally as slow if not slower!!! We got it done though!!!
    65-75-85 95(1 and then fail)

  • PP 3-3-3
    75-85-95(2 and a half)
    95 is a PR

    DUs/Overhead hold: 3 rounds 6:38
    Great job on your double unders tonight Emily. THANK YOU!!!

  • PP 3-3-3-3-3


    3 Rounds of DUs/Overhead hold w/ Kike @ 135 pounds: 6:00 give or take a second or so.

    Great job everyone!

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