11 thoughts on “Friday!!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONI! I am looking forward to this workout tonight! HA HA Hope to see you at the box today!

  • Ah…I see how it is.
    I suggest posting a list of all birthdays. That way I…ahem…I mean members can plan around (avoid) the butt kicking wod that particular day.

    Teamed up with Doug, Marcus, and Javier at 5a…23 and change.
    Mile run cool down. It didn’t really work, I was still all hot and sweaty…must have been doing it wrong.

    Big birthday ups to Toni!!

  • Happy Birthday WodMother ….Great 5 am group ..I guess I missed the cool down run.
    I knew this was gone be a good one …..Chris, Javier, Doug you guys Rock !!!!!
    Nice Team effort by every one …reminded me again that it is never gone get easier I (hopefully) just get better.

  • Wow.
    This was a tough one just like the woman it’s named after.
    I wanted to quit in the middle but i thought about the struggles Toni has to deal with living with Jeff and it pushed me thru.
    Happy b-day Toni

  • Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes – sorry to all that I’m so OLD (so many reps!!!) But hey, if I can suffer through it, YOU can too!!!

    I had a great time doing this workout with Kendra, Clara and Jessie – props to you and all the folks at 4:30. Hope to see you all for the Saturday WOD 🙂

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