For those of you that don’t know, Tommy and Heather are moving to take on a new venture. Tommy’s last day with us is today so if you see him wish him luck. We will miss you greatly here at CFNKY and good luck with everything in your future.

6 thoughts on “Friday!

  • Farewell Tommy and Heather it was good to know you!

    12:41 with 105 on the OHS and jumping muscle ups. Seemed like a Tommy kind of workout.

  • Good luck Tommy and Heather. Come back for a visit!
    It was great getting to know you guys.

  • Tommy it was great working out with you trying to keep up ( as if I could after only 3 weeks 🙂 keep dominating times and keep yelling 🙂 good luck on your new venture.

  • Thanks guys. You haven’t seen the last of me. Keep up the hard work…ill miss everyone

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