Fight Gone Bad 5

Total 41 participants today!!! Thanks for all your support and for bringing your families.  Many of you stayed for the entire event to keep score and help out.  What a great day at Crossfit NKY

There were a lot of cameras so beware 🙂

And now…..for the after-party!

4 thoughts on “FGB 5

  • Sounds like it was a great wod today, so sorry I couldn’t be there. My hotel wod was 5 rounds of
    20db thrusters 25# ea
    20kb swings 35#
    20 standing tuck jumps
    20db push press 25# ea
    20 walking lunges 50#
    .5 mile run
    Maybe I can make up FGB this week!! Have a few for me tonite!

  • i sucked it up pretty bad today but was super stoked to be apart of the day. you guys are super awesome! thanks and great job to all!!! fgreallybad! love it!

  • WOW what a day not sure what hurts worse my body or head!
    Great job by everybody.
    The After party went great as well thanks to Emily and Alicia for all the hard work.
    Very fun and exciting day can’t wait till next year.

    292 FGB

    6-0 BEER PONG lol

  • It was an awesome Saturday morning & evening spent with the CFNKY fam! Many thanks to Lucas, Wendy, Emily & Alicia & anyone else who contributed to making it an awesome day!

    Once again CF has taught me some things about myself & you all, and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share them with you:

    10. Armando should come with a disclaimer that says “no alcohol needed…results not typical”.
    9. Work hard/play hard always meant something completely different to me until yesterday-now I realize that you can work hard & play hard away from an actual job.
    8. I can convincingly explain to you why any food/drink counts as Paleo.
    7. I can’t stop thinking about Wilmari & Karin’s cupcake food porn.
    6. I haven’t seen you all work harder than I did yesterday. You dug deep and it showed!
    5. Jeff is a good drunk, but a bad drunk arm wrestler 😉
    4. I have come up with a good reason why Wilmari & Karin’s cupcakes are Paleo.
    3. Alicia does a mean Michael Jackson impersonation & she fixed split the pot.
    2. Matt likes it when Lady Gaga sings his name.
    1. There has never been another group of people that I’ve encountered in my life that is more supportive, encouraging & damn demanding as you all & I’m a better person because of you!

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