• BS – 325
    SP – 155
    DL – 420

    CFT – 900

    Well off the pace to beat my PR. I got greedy on the BS and SP and not greedy enough on the DL. Jump in weight for the 3rd set of BS and SP hurt me. Still felt strong on the last DL set…maybe another 10lbs or so to be had. Stupid gravity.

    ***pulling up pants and putting hands on hips*** “Yeeeah, probably could’ve pulled 550 pounds in the deadlift today but I didn’t, you know, want to show off or anything”. 🙂

  • P.S.

    Good job on all the PR’s today at 6am Monica and Roddy!
    and…ok…as much as it pains me…..Great Job Kike! 🙂
    Way to move some serious weight.

  • BS – 120 (think I could have done more, but Lucas had me move on)
    SP – 60
    DL – 145

    CFT – 325

    Afterwards, I got pullups in using the black band and a couple of push ups!!

  • Great job everybody….well from part I didn’t have my best CFT…but I’m happy with my PR in the shoulder press!

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