12 thoughts on “Ab Work Wednesday

  • Time 15:11. ….2 rounds of ghd’s, 2 rounds of abmats

    Big, wide awake class today and some over the top teamwork for everyone to get the job done! Awesome!

  • A lot of modifications today…but in a good way! Dumbbells and GHD’s!
    I managed 1 rd of GHDs and 20lb DB for ea hand. 17:31

    Great job to everyone that found their own way to challenge this WOD as if it wasn’t enough. 🙂

  • what a great 5 am class ….you guys are the best. I felt like a truck hit me after the second round of Sit ups but you guys helped me push through and I finished. Not a great time but its done!

  • Looks like I will have to make this one up tomorrow instead of hitting it tonight. “Can’t wait”??? 😉

  • I cut out the sit ups & did 2 rounds of everything else. My time was 23:?? and the 2pm class was moving today! Great job by everyone 🙂

  • I think my time was 16:??, after Laura and after John:) Did single-unders and scaled up on lunges with 25#bar. My shoulders, lats and legs are already feeling those burpees!!

    Now the question is do I make up yesterday’s wod tomorrow or see what fun Friday holds?!?!

  • 10:34 on this one. The last set of sit ups was a struggle. Hats off to the folks that modified with vests, GHD’s and weights. Thanks to Kim for letting me use “Betty Lee”.

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